Green Industry Innovation

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Government Office of the Slovak Republic
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In implementation
Programme Donors
Innovation Norway
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EEA Grants fund:
Norway Grants fund:
€ 16,073,985
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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed? One of the target indicators under the Europe 2020 strategy is to have 20% of energy coming from renewables. Slovakia currently has around 10% and several initiatives will be needed to increase this share in the forthcoming years. When it comes to natural resources, Slovakia has a lot of unused potential in the field of biomass, and the programme will try and better realise this potential.   What will the programme achieve? When implemented, the programme will have provided a good foundation for better exploiting the biomass potential in Slovakia, helping to increase the country’s share of renewable energy. At the national level the biomass market in Slovakia is not much developed and the programme will try to create a better functioning biomass market throughout the whole of Slovakia. The programme will be supporting the whole value chain for energy generation of biomass, thereby contributing to economic development in a sustainable way.   How will it be achieved?
  • €16 million will be made available through one open call planned for the first quarter of 2013, with a project support in the range of €1 million to €5 million.
  • 5-6 projects evenly distributed across Slovakia will be supported. A typical project would include the implementation of innovative processes and new technology within the following components:
- Agricultural production and collection of biomass. - Creation of logistics centres for storage and processing of biomass - Investments in technology for energy generation from biomass
  • Involvement of research institutions will be encouraged as part of the open call to further ensure innovation and increased use of modern technologies.
  How will bilateral relations be strengthened? It is expected that Norwegian research institutions with expertise related to biomass will contribute to the transfer of knowledge and demonstration of best practices.   What are the partnership opportunities? Partnerships with Norwegian entities are encouraged in the programme and additional points will be awarded as part of the project appraisal. Funding is available for interested entities (up to €20 000) to support partner search and develop joint project applications. Innovation Norway (IN), who is involved as a donor programme partner in the programme, will also help match Norwegian entities who wish to engage in partnership with potential Slovak project promoters. Who can apply for funding under this programme? Slovak SMEs are eligible to apply for project funding while Norwegian entities can be involved as a project partner.