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Central Administration of Health (ACSS)
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In implementation
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Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI)
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€ 0
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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed? In Portugal, as in other European countries, a high level of income distribution inequality is associated with high risk rates of “income poverty”. The available data suggests that a significant component of current obesity rates can be attributed to such differences in socio-economic status, as unbalanced diets can be a consequence of income poverty. Challenges also remain in the areas of mental healthcare as well as in prevention of communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS and TB. There are also great differences in the geographical distribution of health services across the country. The combination of poverty with other vulnerabilities further increases these health risks, in particular for children. Additionally, due to the current economic situation, there is potential for increased economic vulnerability and social exclusion of many Portuguese families.What will the programme achieve and who are the beneficiaries? The programme implements strategies and tools to improve food and nutritional knowledge; provides the basis for good practices at the institutional level; contributes to health gains through healthy diet – in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, and mental health and develops the collection and dissemination of essential health information. The programme will benefit health authorities and health professionals at all levels as well as schools and education structures and will reach the Portuguese population through the types of activities foreseen.How will it be achieved? The Programme will be implemented through one open call with the possibility of a second call and a pre-defined project. The main activities under the programme will be in the following areas:Nutrition – health promotion activities  targeting families, professionals and institutions; Mental Health – promoting mental health of citizens, families and the society as a whole; Communicable diseases – capacity building and improvement of the current national health system information;Reproductive, infantile and juvenile health – early life intervention is essential in the area of health promotion and disease prevention, contributing to the reduction of potential inequalities later in life;Essential health information collection – with emphasis on child health, nutrition and communicable diseases. How will bilateral relations be strengthened? The bilateral relations will be strengthened through cooperation with the Donor programme partner the Norwegian institute of Public Health as well as by exchanging experience with other Donor State entities with a view to sharing best practices within the relevant areas. Various forms of cooperation are planned: conferences, seminars, study visits, trainings. What are the partnership opportunities? Issues related to reducing inequalities in health are important priorities for both Portugal and the Donor countries. The programme is well suited for bilateral project partnerships, and the programme will encourage and support project level partnerships between entities in Portugal and the Donor States, through facilitating the search for relevant partners.Who can apply for funding under this programme? Portuguese public or private, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organisations as well as inter-governmental organisations operating in Portugal are eligible to apply for funding under the programme. There will be one open call with the possibility of a second call. The call will be launched not later than in the third quarter of 2013 and make available €8,825,995.