Renewable Energy

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Electricity of the Azores (EDA)
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In implementation
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National Energy Authority (OS)
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Why is the programme needed? The EU Energy Roadmap towards 2050 states that people's well-being, industrial competitiveness and the overall functioning of society are dependent on safe, secure, sustainable and affordable energy. Each country will have to ensure that natural resources, including energy resources, are explored and utilised in a sustainable manner. The success of a remote island region such as the Azores could depend on its ability to replace imported fossil fuels with local, renewable energy sources. Exploitation of the geothermal energy sources in the Azores would provide a stable source of energy for the population on the islands where such production is feasible. The Energy Strategic Plan presented by the government of the Azores has as a main goal to increase its share of renewable energy to 65% of the total electricity production by 2018. Today, the island of Terceira where the pilot geothermal plant will be established, is dependent on import of diesel for almost 90% of her energy production. Replacing ca. 10% of the energy generated by diesel with geothermal energy, will lead to reduced emissions of greenhouse gases while at the same time provide a dependable basis for development of local industry and businesses. Hence the programme will contribute to Portugal’s commitment to implement common EU strategies and legislation on renewable energy. Enhancement of competence in the Azores on geothermal energy will be necessary to safeguard the sustainability of the establishment of the programme and the pilot geothermal power plant. What will the programme achieve and who are the beneficiaries? Feasibility studies have shown a potential for technically and economically viable generation of geothermal power on the island of Terceira in the Azores. The programme will tap into and utilise local renewable energy sources, i.e. geothermal energy, by establishing a pilot power plant at the Pico Alto Geothermal field and testing its sustainability. This will benefit the local energy industry as electricity suppliers for the island and the island’s inhabitants as recipients of the power generated. The local energy industry and professionals within it will benefit from the capacity building measures, along with students in the Azores seeking a future in the geothermal energy sector. How will it be achieved? The programme consists of a pre-defined project and a Small grant scheme which will be open for a call for proposals. The programme will comprise of the following: - A 3MWe pilot  geothermal plant in Terceira, Azores (pre-defined project) - Facilitation of participation in a post-graduate programme on geothermal energy in Iceland for six professionals in geothermal energy - Courses on exploration and exploitation of geothermal energy sources for for maximum twelve professionals and students with experience in geothermal energy utilisation How will bilateral relations be strengthened? Renewable energy is an area of joint interest and priority for Portugal and the donor states, and the programme on geothermal energy is highlighted in the MoU. The programme will strengthen cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and best practises. The Donor Programme Partner, the Icelandic National Energy Authority (OS), has long standing experience in both strategic and practical aspects of utilisation of geothermal energy. OS has been actively involved in the planning phase, and will participate in the planning and implementation of the bilateral activities under the programme. Who can apply for funding under this programme? The Small grant scheme under the programme will be open for calls for proposals. In order to support and retain regional and local competence, the eligibility is limited to professionals in the high enthalpy geothermal industry in the Azores and to students of the Azores seeking post-graduate qualifications on high enthalpy geothermal energy. The grant size is to be determined. What are the partnership opportunities? Opportunities for partnership will be possible under the call for tenders under the pre-defined project. The possibilities for partnerships under the Small grant scheme are to be determined.