Bilateral Research Cooperation

Key facts

Programme Operator:
National Innovation Office (NIO)
Programme ID:
Programme Donors:
Research Council of Norway (NFR)
Date of approval:
Total amount:
EEA Grants fund:
Norway Grants fund:
€ 24,128,000

Currently available funding

Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed Investments in research and innovation are widely acknowledged as being a crucial driver for economic growth, for job-creation and to secure social and economic welfare. The research intensity in Hungary is still below the EU average as total research investments in relation to GDP. The research programme places itself within overall strategies in Europe, like Europe 2020, the Flagship for Innovation and the coming research programme of the European Union, the Horizon 2020. The programme will increase high quality research cooperation across borders, and thus contribute to objectives of the European Research Area. What will the programme achieve The overall objective of the programme is to enhance research-based knowledge development in Hungary through enhanced research cooperation between Hungary and Norway and strengthening of research capacity in Hungary. The programme will fund collaborative research projects in the following areas:
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Social Science and the Humanities
Minimum 20 per cent of the funding available for projects will be set aside to fund collaborative projects in social science and the humanities. The programme will increase cooperation between research institutions in common areas of interest in the two countries, and also strengthen ties and sharing of experience between research funding institutions in Hungary and Norway. In addition the programme will entail a small grant scheme support post-doc fellows and to attract excellent scientists to Hungary. The small grant scheme will also promote the involvement of young talents in science. How will it be achieved There will be one major call resulting in the selection of high quality research projects where cooperation between researchers Hungary and Norway is mandatory. The duration of research projects will be up to 36 months. The minimum project grant is proposed to be €1 mill; the maximum amount is proposed to be €3 mill. For projects in the social sciences and the humanities the minimum amount is €170,000 and the maximum amount is €1 mill. How will bilateral relations be strengthened Bilateral relations will be strengthened through joint research projects. The programme will also stimulate   the sharing of expertise and knowledge also between the Program Operator and similar relevant entities in the two countries. Who can apply for funding Research organizations can apply for funding as promoters and partners. Small and medium-sized enterprises, provided they cooperate with a research organisation, can participate as partners. Only Hungarian entities can apply as project promoters. All projects must have a Norwegian partner to be eligible. What are the partnership opportunities There will be joint cooperation in all research projects, as such cooperation is mandatory.This programme has been approved by the donor state(s). The programme agreement is awaiting signature by the donor and beneficiary states.