Domestic and Gender-based Violence & Mainstreaming Gender Equality and Promoting Work-Life Balance

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Ministry of Finance
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In implementation
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€ 840,000

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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed? In recent years, the Czech Republic has taken significant steps to tackle and prevent domestic violence, such as the adoption of the National Action Plan for the Prevention of Domestic Violence for the Years 2011 – 2014.The Czech government considers economic independence and gender equality at the labour market to be the crucial sphere of equality of men and women. For this purpose, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs strives to support measures focused on improving the balance between work and private life such as extending the possibilities of child care services and flexible working arrangements. What will the programme achieve? Only one pre-defined project will be implemented under the programme. The prorgamme will support preventive measures focusing on domestic violence and contributing to reducing the incidence of these types of violence. The programme is further drawn up to identify the needs and the possibilities of balance between work and private life in public administration, and to contribute to increasing the possibilities of reconciling work and private life. How will it be achieved? The programme will support media campaigns, analyses and studies aimed at domestic violence in cooperation with universities and conferences for the public administration, experts and the general public. The programme will also focus on ensuring balance between work and family life by raising awareness on equal opportunities for women and men among civil servants and the general public. Exchange of good practice, both at national and international level, will also be implemented under the programme.  The programme is aimed towards the state administration in the Czech Republic. It should lead to an increase in the capability of the relevant institutions to better deal with the mentioned policies, and raise the awareness of the general public. How will bilateral relations be strengthened?  The Norwegian non-governmental organisation (NGO) Alternative to Violence will participate as a donor project partner. The Norwegian partner will participate in activities such as a shared side-event at the United Nations Commission on Status of Women in New York, a conference held in the Czech Republic, and possible mutual study visits between the Czech state administration and relevant Norwegian institutions to share good practice and experiences.What are the partnership opportunities? Since there is only one pre-defined project there will be limited partnership opportunities beyond the partnership with Alternative to Violence.