Capacity-building and Institutional Cooperation between Benificiary State and Norwegian Public Institutions, Local and Regional Authorities

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Ministry of Finance
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In implementation
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Norway Grants fund:
€ 1,760,000

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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed?  According to Transparency International (TI), the Czech Republic is ranked as number 54 on its Corruption Perception Index (2012). The Council of Europe has made a number of recommendations to Czech authorities on how to improve its fight against corruption (Greco-reports), like the need for a better analysis of the risk and threats of corruption in the country, the importance of strengthening the legislation on the financing of political parties, the significance of protecting  whistle-blowers etc. In January 2013, the Czech government updated its anti-corruption strategy. What will the programme achieve and who are the beneficiaries?  The Programme will improve both the competence and the capacity of two key institutions in the Czech Republic in the area of combating economic crime and corruption and related offences, especially money-laundering, i.e. the Financial Analytical Unit under the Ministry of Finance and the Police.   How will it be achieved?  The two institutions shall work with the Council of Europe (CoE) to assess laws, legal practice and the capacity of the various institutions to combat corruption. Through the Programme, the parties shall evaluate the criminal law and the enforcement measures (assess the system for asset forfeiture, quality of investigations etc.). 350 law enforcement officers will be trained in fighting corruption and three studies and will be conducted. The Czech experts will exchange experience with colleagues in other European countries. The Czech institutions will also be able to improve their tools for fighting corruption.   How will bilateral relations be strengthened?  Given the shared objectives of Norway Grants and the Council of Europe (CoE), the Council of Europe will be a partner in the project and thereby ensure that the values of Norway Grants will be reflected in the project.   What are the partnership opportunities?  No partnership are foreseen besides the one already agreed with the Council of Europe. Who can apply for funding under this programme? There will be no calls for proposals.