Children and Youth at Risk

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Ministry of Finance
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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed? The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has expressed concerns with the status of the rights of the child in the Czech Republic and made recommendations on the system of care for children and youth at risk. The recommendations speaks for undertaking a complete review of the current legislation and take all necessary steps to implement the UN Convention’ measures into the Czech domestic legal system. This should be done in order to grant children their full status as rights holders and ensure full compatibility between domestic law and the UN Convention. What will the programme achieve? The Programme addresses these concerns by drafting a comprehensive new law. It also improves the quality and de-institutionalisation of the current Czech system of care for children and youth at risk through new plans and programmes. It also empowers children and youth through facilitating their participation in decision-making bodies. How will it be achieved? This will be achieved through the following measures: •    Preparing 1 new comprehensive law on support to families, substitute family care and care for vulnerable children; •    Drafting 3 implementing regulations; •    Developing  10 new  implementation schemes for the new law(s); •    Creating conditions and plans for the transformation of residential facilities into effective community based service networks providing care       for children and their families •    Training 3000 local authorities and experts in charge of implementing the new legislation •    Raising the awareness of the rights of the child via 5 media campaigns and/or activities at national and local level There will be one open call, one Small Grant Scheme and a pre-defined project under the programme.How will bilateral relations be strengthened? The bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and the Donor States are strengthened through cooperation at project level between the Czech Ministry of Social Affairs and the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs - Bufdir. Bufdir’s role is to assist the project promoter in practical implementation of a new law in this area, as well as on the participation of children and youth in decision-making processes.What are the partnership opportunities? There will be one open call for partnership projects under the bilateral fund at programme level throughout the whole programme implementation period. The Donor State partners must meet the eligibility criteria similar to those applicable to the national applicants.Who can apply for funding under this programme? Legal entities registered in the Czech Republic and certain intergovernmental organisations are eligible to apply as project applicants.