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Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development
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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed? The cross-sectoral programme addresses important issues for Cyprus in the fields of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Children and Youth at Risk, and Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage. The Restoration and Management of the Amiantos Asbestos Mine pre-defined project is to contribute to the improvement of restoration and management practices in the Amiantos asbestos mine in the Troodos forest and contribute to preserving biodiversity. The Day Care Centre for Children and Youth with Multiple Disabilities project is to transform the institution for children and youth with severe mental disabilities and multiple physical disabilities in its current state into a Day Care Centre while at the same time improving standards of care through soft measures. The Centre for Visual Arts and Research will establish an art gallery/museum and a research centre in the commercial corridor of Ermou Street in Nicosia, an area in old Nicosia close to the UN buffer zone which needs to be revitalised. The Centre will give home to a unique collection of paintings, books, costumes and memorabilia showcasing Cyprus and its history under one roof. It will offer access to Cyprus’ cultural heritage and at the same time it will be a platform for exchanges between Cypriots from all communities. Due to the small size of the allocation, the support will be provided exclusively through pre-defined projects. These projects were identified to address needs that have arisen in Cyprus in these areas and to serve the development aims of the Cyprus governments. What will the programme achieve? The project on restoration and management of the Amiantos Asbestos Mine will enhance Cyprus’ capacity and know-how in relation to mine restoration and in adopting more effective and suitable mine restoration techniques. A mine restoration guide will also ensure that the project is not only benefitting the restoration works in the Amiantos Asbestos mine but also the restoration works needed in other mines and quarries. In addition, it will have a positive effect on the landscape of the mine area, thus making the site more attractive to visitors. The second project, the Day Care centre, will contribute to combating social exclusion of children and youth with multiple physical and mental disabilities, reducing the barriers which isolate people with disabilities, and reintegrating the direct beneficiaries into their community. The rehabilitation of the site of the Centre for Visual Arts and Research and the public access to the collection will bring added value to the neighbourhood, stimulating contacts between the communities and rehabilitation of this underdeveloped area. It will involve non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and leading local and international academic institutions. How will it be achieved? In order to achieve the above targets, the programme foresees the following activities: - Integrating nature conservation aspects in mine restoration works and contributing to the enhancement of the area’s landscape and its attractiveness; - Establishing a Day Care Centre for children and youth with multiple disabilities; - Establishing a gallery for the permanent exhibition of artwork from a collection consisting of 1,400 paintings on Cyprus from the 18th century to present and establishing a related research centre. How will bilateral relations be strengthened? The project promoter under the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services project is seeking to cooperate with the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA). The day care centre project promoter intends to visit similar institutions in the donor states and to invite experts to visit Cyprus to discuss improvements in social services provision to children with disabilities. The project promoter for the centre for visual arts and research plans to invite educational establishments in the donor states to select students who will come to Cyprus and be involved in the digitisation of the collection prior to the operation.