Domestic and Gender-based Violence

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Ministry of Interior
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Council of Europe (CoE)
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€ 2,000,000

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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed? According to the organisation Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) an estimated 900,000 women in Bulgaria suffer from domestic abuse every year. There is a severe lack of adequate support services for victims, and Bulgaria does not fulfil the Council of Europe recommendation of safe accommodation in specialised women’s shelters. Moreover, the absence of specific provisions criminalising domestic violence and marital rape calls for reforms in the legal framework to ensure the protection of victims of such violence. What will the programme achieve and who are the beneficiaries? The programme will address domestic and gender-based violence in Bulgaria through supporting the creation of a robust legal framework ensuring the protection of victims and enhancing the capacity of professionals and relevant institutions in dealing with cases of such violence. In addition, the programme will support measures to improve victim support services, and to raise public awareness. The programme will include specific measures to target the Roma community in Bulgaria. How will it be achieved? The programme consists of one pre-defined project, three calls for proposals and two small grants schemes, and will result in the following: - The development of proposals for legislative changes improving the Bulgarian legal framework in the field of domestic and gender-based violence; - The establishment of shelters and other victim support services; - Capacity building of 550 professionals involved in cases of domestic violence; - Awareness raising campaigns to help change public perceptions; - Research and data collection on domestic and gender-based violence; and - Sensitisation campaigns with a special focus on Roma and other vulnerable groups. How will bilateral relations be strengthened? The programme will be implemented in cooperation with the Council of Europe and will serve to strengthen cooperation in an area of joint strategic interest. Mutual learning and exchange of experience will be of key importance in the implementation of the programme. The programme will draw on the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. Who can apply for funding under this programme? Local, regional and national entities as well as non-governmental organisations and certain intergovernmental organisations are eligible for funding under the programme. Only entities registered in Bulgaria are eligible as project applicants. The project size will range from €170,000 to €900,000 under the calls for proposals. Under the call for proposals focusing on Roma inclusion, and under the small grants schemes, the project size will range from €15,000 to €100,000. There will only be one call, to be launched in end-2013. What are the partnership opportunities? Domestic and gender-based violence are challenges facing all European countries, and the projects to be supported under the programme will be well suited for bilateral partnerships. Project level partnerships between relevant entities in Bulgaria and Norway will be encouraged and facilitated, and the programme will make available funds for the search for relevant partners.