Capacity-building and Institutional Co-operation

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Operational Programme Technical Assistance
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Norwegian Barents Secretariat (BAR)
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€ 2,016,000

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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed? Increased decentralisation and transfer of responsibilities to the local authorities in Bulgaria require  an improved capacity of local governments to handle the new requirements. Building the capacities of public institutions and developing their human resources is a crucial tool for improving the services they provide to the population.   Bulgaria borders on non-EU states, Turkey, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and these border regions are among those most in need of economic and social development. In order to increase cross-border cooperation and development of the border regions more facts and knowledge on the status of the cross-border relations and cooperation are required to pave the way for future capacity-building and policy development.   What will the programme achieve? Capacity-building, development and modernisation of public administration in all regions of Bulgaria, focusing on the less developed and border municipalities. The aim is to develop a better adapted and more efficient public service provision to citizens and enterprises. Cross-border cooperation with neighbouring EU countries shall be strengthened under the programme. The cooperation between the Norwegian and Bulgarian counterparts shall contribute to the development of networks, exchanges of knowledge and dissemination of best practices.   How will it be achieved? The programme consists of two projects:   -      Strengthening the capacity of the National Association of Municipalities of the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB) and Bulgarian Municipalities through cooperation with Norwegian Local Authorities   The main aim of this project is to enhance the institutional capacity and development of human resources of Bulgarian local authorities and of NAMRB itself through cooperation and transfer of knowledge, experience and good practices with the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS).   -      Bulgarian Border Dialogues. Developing a Regional CBC Data Centre   The main aim of the project is to enhance the level of knowledge and understanding of cross-border processes between Bulgaria and its neighbouring countries.   How will bilateral relations be strengthened? The programme will strengthen relations between the cooperation institutions, and other public institutions in Norway and Bulgaria will also be involved in the projects.   What are the partnership opportunities? The Norwegian Association of Local Municipalities (KS) and the National Association of Local Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB) are partners in the NAMBR project. The budget for the project €1 093 694.   The Norwegian Barents Secretariat and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (Bulgaria) are partners in the project on Cross-Border Cooperation. The budget for the project is €1 076 470.   Who can apply for funding under this programme? There are no open calls under the programme.