Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts

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Ministry of Culture
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Programme Summary

Why is the Programme needed?  Bulgaria’s rich cultural, historical and natural heritage offers great potential for economic growth, increase in employment and greater social cohesion. In order to utilize this potential, investments are needed to halt the further deterioration of its cultural heritage and to revitalise part of this heritage for the use of current and future generations. Support is needed to spur on developments in the area of contemporary art and culture and to gear- up intercultural dialogue and a greater public awareness about the importance of cultural diversity. Besides investments in the safeguarding of Bulgarian cultural heritage, there is a pressing need to raise level of peoples’ involvement in art and culture; there is a need to direct support towards measures which will provide people with greater access to Bulgarian art, culture and heritage both physically and digitally.  There is also a need to develop cultural professionals’ capacity to adapt to current challenges related to the digital shift and to the need to reach ‘new’ audiences and deepen bonds with current audiences. These challenges are recognised by the European Commission in its proposal for the future European Union Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020 in which the Commission underlines the urgent need to stimulate international cooperation and exchange of knowledge to accelerate capacity development in the cultural sector. The Programme for cultural heritage and contemporary art supported by the EEA Grants stimulates such exchanges with the aim of strengthening bilateral ties and accelerating mutual learning. What will the Programme achieve?  The support will result in the rehabilitation of at least 5 buildings of cultural heritage value, in at least 5 heritage landscapes safeguarded and converted into open air museums, and in the development of at least 7 new museums and cultural facilities. Through stepping up activities aiming to boost peoples’ access to online cultural heritage content it’s expected that newly created digital content will receive at least one million hits. The Programme also supports new developments in art and culture and promotes intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity through grants for at least 20 projects. The Programme supports the second phase of the Sofia Arsenal Contemporary Art Museum, providing much needed exhibition space and potential for reaching the broader public and bilateral cooperation between cultural players from Bulgaria and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.  The Programme will pay attention to the cultural heritage and diversity of the culture of minorities for example by allotting 10% of the allocation to activities related to improving the conditions for the Roma community in Bulgaria.How will it be achieved?  The Programme supports projects in the following areas: •    restoration, renovation and protection of cultural heritage; •    opening up access to cultural and natural heritage; •    documentation of cultural history; •    the presentation of contemporary art and culture for the broader public; •    activities aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between Bulgarian cultural players and those from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.  How will bilateral relations be strengthened?  The Programme fosters cooperation between Donor States’ and Bulgarian cultural players (public and private) at project level which strengthens bilateral relations between Bulgaria and the Donor States, across the fields of cultural heritage, contemporary art, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. There is a Bilateral Fund of €247,059 for potential project promoters and potential Donor Project Partners for partner search, for bilateral exchange activities and for strengthening already existing partnerships.  The Small Grants Scheme is also of interest in this respect as it stimulates projects with partners from the Donor States. What are the partnership opportunities?  The call under the Bilateral Fund will be published before the open call for the Small Grants Scheme. There will be a measure for preparatory visits and a measure for networking events, as well as exchange of knowledge and experience. The call will stay open until funds are exhausted. There is a call for the Small Grants Scheme aiming at conceptually new thematic/mobile exhibitions of contemporary, modern and eclectic art and mixed media/visual and performance art developed with the participation of ethnic and religious minorities. This scheme is of particular interest for those seeking partnership opportunities.Who can apply for funding under this programme? Eligible applicants are any entity, public or private, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organisations, established as a legal person in Bulgaria as well as inter-governmental organisations operating in this country. Natural persons who are legal residents of the Donor States or of Bulgaria are eligible applicants under the programme area ‘Promotion of Diversity of Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage’.