Reconstruction of the Müller House in Tišnov

Project facts

Project promoter:
The town of Tišnov
Project Number:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 308,096

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The purpose of the Project is reconstruction of the Müller house in Tišnov and creating a museum (80 Jungmanova street, plot number 125/1), with the overall objective of conservation of cultural heritage in the Czech Republic. Reference is made to the application dated 25 October 2006 and any subsequent correspondence with the Focal Point. The completed project shall include the following activities and results: - Reconstruction and renovation of the Müller House; - Creation of a museum with a permanent town history exposition; - Create exhibition space to enable art exhibits of local artists and temporary thematic expositions; - Establish a literary café with a rich collection of books and internet connection; - Publicity; and - Management. The Project Promoter is the town of Tišnov. Subject to national law, the Project shall be implemented in partnership with Muzeum Brnenska (Museum of the Brno Region). The Focal Point shall ensure that the Project Promoter covers at least 15 percent of the total eligible Project costs.