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Public access policy

The EEA Grants and the Norway Grants are guided by the principles of openness and transparency at all levels. Accordingly, the Financial Mechanism Office (FMO) makes a series of proactive measures to provide access to key documents.

Documents in the following categories are available on this website:

  • The legal framework of the EEA Grants and Norway Grants; including the agreements with the European Union establishing the two grant schemes and the Rules and Procedures 2004-09 and Regulations 2009-14
  • Guidelines providing more detailed description of various aspects of the implementation of the grant schemes 
  • Agendas and Conclusions of the Financial Mechanism Committee meetings (2004-09 and 2009-14
  • Calls for proposals in the beneficiary states that announce the availability of funds to potential applicants 
  • Summary information, including headline financial data, on supported activities of the EEA and Norway Grants (available in the project portal
  • Annual reports from the beneficiary states 
  • Annual status reports on the grant schemes 
  • Reviews and evaluations
  • Report on irregularities in the EEA and Norway Grants 2004-09 and 2009-14 (The report is updated on a quarterly basis)
  • Programme agreements between the Financial Mechanism Committee or the the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Focal Point regulating the implementation of particular programmes (available on each programme page)

Documents not listed above may be available upon request from the FMO. All requests for public access to documents related to the Financial Mechanisms should be sent to the following email address:  Requests for access to documents are assessed in accordance with the EFTA States’ Standing Committee decision no 3/2007/SC.

The principle is that the widest possible access to all documents held by the FMO shall be granted.  However, access may not be granted in the cases foreseen in the EFTA States’ Standing Committee decision no 3/2007/SC. Where an exception is justified, it will be assessed whether access to parts of a document may be granted. In the event of a total or partial refusal, the applicant may refer the request to the FMC or the NMFA.

For further information, please see:
Public Access Policy of the EEA and Norway Grants
EFTA States Standing Committee decision no3/2007/SC