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Institutional framework in the asylum and migration sector

All countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) are committed to implementing a national migration system that safeguards the right to seek asylum and take care of the most vulnerable asylum seekers. Additionally, all EEA countries are also part of the Dublin System which determines which country is responsible for processing an asylum application.

The number of irregular migrants and asylum seekers arriving in Europe has increased in the past decade. As a main point of entry into the EU, Greece  faces particular challenges, which is why the Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have developed a special programme to help the Greek authorities deal with the situation. 

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Read about the programme in each country to find out what activities are funded, how to apply, or how to get involved as a partner.

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For applicants

Funding is available for NGOs registered in Greece, as the sole beneficiary country with this programme. NGOs already running reception centres or that wish to start running a centre may apply for a fund to be implemented by the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) in Greece.

For partners

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration cooperates with the Greek authorities on improving the administration of the asylum system and other efforts in this area. The programme also involves cooperation with the International Organisation of Migration and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The fund provides by the grant scheme supplement EU funding in this area in Greece.

Project partnerships between entities in Norway and Greece are encouraged.

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Strengthening asylum management


In recent years, migration has put huge pressure on asylum systems in many European countries. Since 2004, significant funding has helped to protect our common borders and strengthen capacity to handle migration, with particular support to Greece since 2012.

Sanctuary for vulnerable refugees


“We have 30 unaccompanied refugee minors in our Athens centre. Many are highly traumatised. Our job is to give them a safe and secure environment. We provide for their basic needs but also offer educational support and help them to integrate.”

Frontline protection for lone refugee children


The plight of unaccompanied children has become one of the most pressing issues of the migrant crisis. At the frontline is Greek Humanitarian NGO, METAdrasi, providing critical care and protection through a network of guardians.