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Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

Country: Norway

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is donor programme partner in two programmes in Greece in the field of asylum and migration.




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Contact person Mr Ioannis Tavridis

About the programme area - Institutional Framework in the Asylum and Migration

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About the programmes

Greece: The first programme address urgent needs for the reception and screening of new arrivals and for the accommodation of vulnerable groups as well as sssistance to voluntary returns. It consist of two predefined projects run by UNHCR and IOM as well as a fund for NGOs to run reception centres. The programme is managed by the Financial Mechanism Office (FMO).

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The second programme aims to assist Greek authorities in reforming its asylum system by ensuring that the two new asylum institutions will be able to start its work and offer services to asylum seekers.

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UDI has been involved in the development of the two programmes, and cooperate closely with the Programme Operators and the project promoters, the Asylum Services and the First Reception Services. UDI has given advice on definition of problems, objectives, selection of indicators and their values. UDI follows the implementation of the various projects under the programme and takes part in a number of joint activities between institutions in Greece and the donor countries.

About the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is Norway’s central executive body for immigration and refugees and plays a key role as the competent authority in the field of asylum, migration and reception in Norway. In interaction and dialogue with the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, UDI sets the agenda for the formulation of policies and regulations based on analysis of its own operation, knowledge gained from research and development projects and in-depth knowledge of national and international trends.

UDI has the core competence in Norway on how to strengthen the institutional framework to address new arrivals, operation of reception centres and how to ensure legal protection and care for the most vulnerable groups of migrants. UDI’s objective as a donor programme partner is to be an active advisor to the Programme Operator in the preparation and implementation of the programme, and to transfer their knowledge to the public authorities in when they ask for support.