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Norwegian Directorate of Health

Country: Norway

The Norwegian Directorate of Health is donor programme partner in a public health programme in Poland and in two domestic and gender based violence programmes in Estonia and Slovakia.


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Contact person Ms Pernille Venner Delhi
Telephone +47 24 16 30 96 / +47 47 33 70 55

About the programme area - Public Health Initatives

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About the programme

Poland: The focus of the programme is to improve governance in healthcare, reduce social inequalities in health and reduce/prevent life-style related diseases.

As donor programme partner, the Norwegian Directorate of Health is involved in facilitating partnership cooperation between Norway and Poland and providing strategic and technical advice on the preparation and implementation of the programme, as well as giving advice on selection criteria and operation of the open calls. The Norwegian Directorate of Health is also responsible for administrating a Norwegian partner-search mailing-list,which is also used for a second public health programme in Poland (PL07).

The programme has a predefined project with the aim of developing instruments for improving health and reducing social inequalities in healthcare. The project was jointly developed and will be implemented in partnership between the Ministry of Health in Poland and the Norwegian Directorate of Health, who will also coordinate inputs from a consortium of Norwegian experts. The Norwegian Directorate of Health will also assist in establishing bilateral activities within this programme.

There will be open calls under the programme. In the open calls for funding, partnership projects will be given a priority in the selection process. Potential project partners are municipalities, public health stakeholders, universities, hospitals, NGOs, education facilities, local public health organisations, professional experts, academics etc. Partner search database: /

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Contact person: Mr Otto Christian Rø,, phone: +47 24 16 31 08 / +47 996 16 285

About the programme area - Domestic and Gender-Based Violence

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About the programmes

The Norwegian Directorate of Health provides strategic and technical advice and assistance to the Programme Operators in the development and implementation of the programmes targeting gender-based and domestic violence in Estonia and Slovakia. The Norwegian Directorate of Health seeks to support joint implementation of programmes and create sustainable synergy effects between the connected programme areas in Estonia and Slovakia, in close collaboration with the Programme Operators. There is a great emphasis on supporting the development of strong bilateral relations between Norwegian and Estonian/Slovak project partners. This is being done through identifying potential partners in Norway, facilitating networking and information sharing. As well as providing contact information and facilitating the development of relevant contracts with central Norwegian expert environments having a role as operative project partners.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Programme Operators are aiming for creating strong and sustainable partnerships between Norwegian expert environments in the area of gender-based and domestic violence and human trafficking (NGOs, municipalities, research institutions) and Estonian/Slovak counterparts. Strengthening services for victims of domestic/gender-based violence through capacity building has a strong focus.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health encourages and seeks Norwegian expert environments with great knowledge and experiences in working with services/interventions targeting victims/perpetrators and/or policy making at municipal level and with interest in working internationally to take part in cooperation and partnerships within the programmes. Thus, The Norwegian Directorate of Health manages a database of potential Norwegian project partners available for the Estonian and Slovak Programme Operators and possible project promoters. Partner search database: /

Contact person: Ms Freja Ulvestad Kärki,, phone: +47 24 16 31 89

Estonia:The programme aims to develop services for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking as well as measures to prevent trafficking. The programme will be implemented through pre-defined projects and open calls.

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Slovakia:The focus of the programme is to ensure the institutional support to women and children experiencing violence. The programme is based on the Council of Europe Convention on Trafficking in Human Beings. The Norwegian Directorate of Health works together with the Council of Europe as donor programme partners in this programme. The programme will be implemented through one pre-defined project and open calls.

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About the Norwegian Directorate of Health

The Norwegian Directorate of Health develops and executes policies to maintain, improve and promote the health of the nation by countering factors which pose health risks and promote factors which contribute to better health. The Directorate reports to the Ministry of Health and Care Services.