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Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education - SIU

Country: Norway

Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) is donor programme partner in the scholarships programmes in 11 countries, both financed by EEA and Norway Grants.




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Contact person Ms Veena Gill Mr Frank Moe Ms Marthe Vaagen
E-mail veena.gill@siu.no frank.moe@siu.no marthe.vaagen@siu.no
Telephone +47 55 30 38 24 +47 55 30 38 48 (+47) 55 30 38 04

About the programme area - Scholarships and Bilateral Scholarship Programme

Removing obstacles to educational mobility is a Europe-wide goal. Boosting transnational mobility helps students acquire new skills and strengthens future employability. Partnerships between higher education institutions are promoted under the Grants with scholarship programmes established in 11 countries. These programmes aim to strengthen education systems through international cooperation and facilitate student and staff exchanges with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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About the programmes

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain:

Funding for mobility scholarships and institutional cooperation projects will be made available to applicants through calls for proposals under the Scholarship Funds.

In the cooperation with the Programme Operators, SIU contributes with its experience and expertise within the field of mobility and project grant management as well as in building cooperation links in education.

SIU promotes contacts and cooperation between the Norwegian higher education institutions and relevant institutions in the beneficiary countries. In addition, SIU is represented in the programmes' Cooperation Committees and Selection Committees, and they are engaged in the analysis of experiences and counseling on the further development of the cooperation programmes.

The aim of the EEA Grants Scholarship Fund is to facilitate networking and exchange knowledge between educational institutions in the donor countries and beneficiary countries. The cooperation can include activities like student and staff mobility and institutional cooperation projects on all levels of education. Project support is available to educational institutions in the countries involved in the programmes. Scholarships for mobility is open for individuals such as students and staff, who can apply through their institutions.

A partner in one of the donor countries is often required for project funding. You can use SIU's partner search to find suitable partners.

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About SIU

The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) is a Norwegian public sector agency that promotes international cooperation in education and research.SIU is Norway’s official agency for international programmes and measures related to education. It is commissioned by several national and international public organisations to administer programmes within all levels of education. The centre is charged with the important task of coordinating national measures according to official Norwegian policy within the field of internationalisation.

SIU is also responsible for promoting Norway as an education and research destination, as well as providing information and advisory services within the field of internationalisation in education.

The engagement as donor programme partner gives SIU a unique opportunity to facilitate the cooperation among higher education institutions in Norway and the beneficiary states.  SIU sees its donor programme partner engagement as an opportunity to share experiences, exchange knowledge, establish networks and counsel higher education institutions on the use of opportunities for cooperation in education and research within the EEA Scholarship Fund.