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National Energy Authority of Iceland

Country: Iceland

The National Energy Authority (OS) is donor programme partner in renewable energy programmes in Hungary, Portugal and Romania.



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Contact person Mr Jónas Ketilsson
Telephone +354 569 6029 / +354 695 3326

About the programme area - Renewable Energy

Renewable sources of energy are essential alternatives to fossil fuels. Their use reduces greenhouse gas emissions and diversifies the energy supply. The EEA Grants support such programmes in eight beneficiary countries.

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About the programmes

Hungary: The main focus is on geothermal energy. Read more about the programme.

Portugal: The main focus will be on geothermal energy. Read more about the programme.

Romania: The National Energy Authority is programme partner together with the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. Read more about the programme.

About the National Energy Authority

The National Energy Authority (Orkustofnun) is a government agency under the Icelandic Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Its main responsibilities have been to advise the Government of Iceland on energy issues and related topics, promote and contract energy research and manage the development and exploitation of the energy resources. The institution has been instrumental in the execution of government policy regarding exploration and development of geothermal resources, and in advising communities, companies, individuals and foreign governments about their utilization of these resources. Over the last decades it has stimulated and enhanced international cooperation in the use of geothermal energy by sharing information and experience around the world.

As a donor programme partner, the National Energy Authority is committed to offering its experience and knowledge in order to having a high impact on the two overall objectives of the EEA Grants. Due to its expertise of securing long-term sustainable use of geothermal resources, the National Energy Authority may offer assistance in creating, implementing and monitoring a geothermal resource management plans in beneficiary states that aim at securing long term sustainable yield of the geothermal resource.