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Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud, Norway

Country: Norway

The Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud (LDO) is donor programme partner in a gender equality and work-life balance programme in Spain.



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Contact person Ms Ylva Lohne
E-mail yll@ldo.no
Telephone +47 23 15 73 00

About the programme area - Mainstreaming Gender Equality and Promoting Work-Life Balance

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About the programme

Spain:The programme address persistent gender gaps in Spain, with a special focus on gender equality in employment. LDO has been actively involved in the development of the programme and plays an active role during the implementation, through providing strategic advice and guidance. LDO will also facilitate contact with potential donor project partners. LDO is itself involved as a partner in one pre-defined project.

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About LDO

The Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud (LDO) operates independently within his or her field of expertise but is administratively integrated within the Ministry of Children and Equality. The Ombud fights discrimination and promotes equality regardless of factors such as gender, ethnicity, functional ability, language, religion, sexual orientation and age.