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Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Norway

Country: Norway

The Directorate for Cultural Heritage (RA) is donor programme partner in cultural heritage programmes in Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania.




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Contact person Ms Noelle Dahl-Poppe
Telephone +47 22940400
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About the programme area - Conservation and Revitalization of Cultural and Natural Heritage

The programme will contribute to safe-guarding and conserving cultural and natural heritage for future generations and make them publicly accessible.

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About the programmes

As donor programme partner, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage takes part in developing the heritage programmes together with the programme operators in each of the five countries. After the initial programming phase, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage works with their partners on the implementation of the programmes and takes an active part in bilateral activities such as partnership seminars and informing the donor states sector about the possibilities for becoming project partners in heritage projects under the grants.

Estonia:The programme has a focus on restoration of historic manor schools.

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Hungary: The Pogramme aims to restore or rehabilitate at least four important heritage buildings in urban areas, to protect or revitalize at least ten rural cultural and natural sites, and support two digital documentation projects. Raising awareness about the importance of care for cultural and natural heritage and gearing up people’s knowledge about and access to this heritage - specifically for those people who still have limited access - is a requirement for all projects. There is also a small grant scheme to support smaller scale projects to develop sustainable livelihood in connection with the manor school complexes. Partnership projects are encouraged.

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Latvia:The programme consists of five pre-defined projects as well as open calls for projects for small-scale renovation and restoration work, training and professional exchange, as well as awareness raising activities. Project partnerships are encouraged. The programme also has a scheme for cultural exchange.

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Lithuania: The programme has a focus on restoration of wooden cultural heritage buildings, finalisation of partly restored non wooden cultural heritage buildings, as well as development of applied cultural research. There will be open calls where partnership projects will be given priority.

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Romania: The programme prevents the further deterioration of at least four heritage buildings, it contributes to the development of at least two new museums and cultural facilities and  it supports the restoration of no less than 200 cultural heritage objects and the digitisation of at least 2,000 items of cultural heritage value. Besides this the programme provides strategic support to stimulate developments in local communities providing work and income within these communities.

This programme stimulates partnerships between Romanian cultural players and their counterparts in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Projects undertaken in bilateral partnership will be given priority in the selection criteria of projects.

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Partnership possibilities

In the programmes there will be open calls and possibilities for project partnerships from donor countries. All programmes focus on cultural heritage, but the project criteria and priorities will differ from country to country. 

About the Directorate for Cultural Heritage (RA)

The Directorate for Cultural Heritage (RA) is a public institution responsible for the management of immovable cultural heritage in Norway. This comprises archeological and architectural monuments and sites and cultural environments. RA is responsible for the implementation of the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act. RA uses its knowledge and experience to advice on the management of cultural heritage and cultural landscapes, issues such as wood conservation and fire protection of historical buildings, and share their experiences with how to place cultural heritage at the center of local and regional development.

The involvement as donor programme partner also gives RA a valuable insight in to the heritage sectors of their partner countries, as well as new impulses and knowledge on heritage management practices.