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Arts Council Norway

Country: Norway

Arts Council Norway is involved as donor programme partner in cultural exchange programmes in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Romania.



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Contact person Ms Brit Holtebekk
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About the programme area - Promotion of Diversity and Revitalisation of Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage

As a result of centuries of exchange and migratory flows, Europeans share a rich cultural heritage. Promoting cultural diversity is essential for strengthening democratic values in Europe and contributing to economic and social cohesion. The EEA Grants support programmes promoting the diversity in culture and arts in 10 beneficiary countries. These programmes aim to encourage intercultural dialogue and diversity in the arts.

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About the programmes

The Arts Council Norway was involved in the design and development of the programmes in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Romania. This cooperation in the preparatory phase has proved very valuable for establishing solid foundations to develop project partnerships between cultural players in Norway and the beneficiary countries. During the implementation of the programmes, the relevant programme operators and the Arts Council Norway help facilitate project partnerships.

Each of the six programmes awards funding to projects through calls for project proposals. Project partnerships with cultural players from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are encouraged in all programmes and mandatory in some of the programmes. All the programmes support projects on cultural exchange and cultural diversity, though the project selection criteria and priorities will differ from country to country. 

Czech Republic: The programme supports conservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of diversity in culture and arts. Read more about the programme.

Latvia: The small grants scheme open for partnership projects in the cultural sector has a strong focus on cultural diversity. Read more about the programme.

Lithuania: The exchange programme has a strong regional focus and supports projects on cultural diversity. Read more about the programme.

Poland: The programme supports exchange projects within the field of culture. Read more about the programme. A database for partner search has been set up under the Polish programme: Partner search database

Portugal: The programme encourages arts organisations to cooperate with schools and donor partners from Iceland, Liechtenstein and/or Norway with the aim of reaching out to children and young people and involving them in art. Read more about the programme.

Romania: Find out more about the programme here.

About Arts Council Norway

Arts Council Norway is the main governmental operator for the implementation of Norwegian cultural policy. It functions as an advisory body to the central government and public sector on cultural affairs. The key competences of the Arts Council Norway include financing and operational management of programmes, grants, and projects in the field of culture. The Arts Council Norway acts in close cooperation with the Norwegian cultural sector. The Arts Council Norway employs about 120 persons and has its main office in Oslo.

Arts Council Norway has taken on the role as donor programme partner to ensure the participation of cultural players from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the cultural programmes.