#OurStories: Toolkit

Introducing the #OurStories Campaign Brand Toolkit, curated specifically for the EEA and Norway Grants network. This resource is open to all to allow National Focal points, Programme Operators, and Project promoters to make use of the #OurStories Campaign to tell their stories with ease. Inside, find guidance on logo usage, colour schemes, typography, and messaging to maintain brand consistency and amplify your impact.

#OurStories: Objectives and Goals

The objectives and goals of the #OurStories campaign, led by the EEA and Norway Grants, are to showcase and celebrate the impactful outcomes of funded projects. Through compelling narratives and success stories, the campaign aims to inspire, inform, and engage a diverse audience in the Beneficiary and Donor States and across Europe, highlighting the positive change and transformative effects of their initiatives.

The visual assets

#OurStories Logo

#OurStories Logo Variations(Vector and PNG) - Download

Typography - for the #OurStories campaign make use of Arial Black or Arial Bold in headlines and on larger visuals, for body text use Arial.

Colour swatches
The colour scheme of the #OurStories campaign is the same as the swatches already available in the Communication and Design Manual. There are three thematic logos and one general campaign logo. The thematic logos are 'Working together for a green Europe' (green logo) , 'Working together for an inclusive Europe' (red logo) and 'Working together for a democratic Europe' (blue logo). Choose the logo that better connects with your project or programme theme. 

Colour swatches

Branding Templates


To allow as many stakeholders as possible to take part in the #OurStories campaign, the EEA and Norway Grants communications team has made a set of easy-to-use templates available in CANVA. New designs will be added to the templates as the campaign develops. 

For those who are new to the CANVA visual design tool, this here tutorial can help youb get started: Getting started with Canva – Design School
The free version is sufficient to use the templates, but a free account is necessary for editing.

Click here for #OurStories Template library.

#OurStories - Video Road Map

The #OurStories campaign is a collaborative campaign, and the result of joint efforts from all the organisations and partners involved in the EEA and Norway Grants. To kick things off, 16 videos have been created by the EEA and Norway Grants to showcase some of the impactful projects supported by the Grants. These videos will be shared online through the autumn of 2023 and into the spring of 2024. Dates of publications are set and confirmed in collaboration with the National Focal Points. 

All of the videos will be accessible on the EEA and Norway Grants #OurStories Youtube Playlist

To keep in mind: The EEA and Norway Grants branding

All rules and guidelines defined in the Communication and Design Manual fully apply within this campaign. 


Who are you going to call? 
For all things not covered on this #OurStories toolkit page, please reach out to your National Focal Point for assistance. All information requests can however, as always, be sent to info-fmo@efta.int 


The #OurStories campaign and visuals can only be used by stakeholders working with the EEA and Norway Grants with the purpose of promoting programmes, projects and initiatives funded by the EEA and Norway Grants.