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Fostering bilateral relations

Funding is now available for activities strengthening bilateral relations between the Slovak Republic and the three donor countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – through the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level.

The Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level aims to provide financial support to strengthen the bilateral relations between institutions in Slovakia and in the donor countries, in particular through:

    a) strengthening and developing existing bilateral relations under the relevant component;

    b) establishing new ties and opportunities for sustainable cooperation;

    c) developing the bilateral dimension in the implementation of EEA and Norway Grants.

What is supported?

The Bilateral Fund generally supports single activities with clearly specified purpose and objective.  These include study tours, organisation of events, participation in events, etc. Through this call, funding is available under three individual components:

Cultural component

  • The cultural component provides a possibility to establish cooperation between institutions in Slovakia and in the donor countries in order to promote  cultural  values,  diversity  of  cultures,  specifics  of  cultural  environment  with  a  unique focus  on  the engagement  of  partners  from  Slovakia  and  donor  countries. At the same time, it focuses on expert/scientific events in the field of culture with a unique focus on sharing know-how and good practice between institutions in Slovakia and in donor countries.

Environmental component

  • The environmental component for 2015 has considerable potential for the development of bilateral relations, networking   and   exchange   of   experience and   transfer   of   know-how   between   Slovak   institutions   and institutions in the donor countries on environmental matters.

Social component

  • The  social  component  focuses  on a wide  range  of  social  issues and  topics including Roma issues. These issues have considerable potential for the development of bilateral relations, networking and exchange of experience.    The  component  provides  a  possibility  to  establish  cooperation  between institutions  in  Slovakia  and  in the donor  countries  in  order  to  apply  new,  advanced  and  effective  measures  and practices, exchange of experience, transfer of know-how and good practice.

As a general rule activities can only been implemented in Slovakia or in the donor countries.

How much is funded?

The total allocations for each component are as follows:

  • Cultural component: € 26 500
  • Environmental component: € 20 000
  • Social component: € 20 000

Each activity (one grant application) can be awarded a grant of minimum € 1 000. The maximum grant amount for each application is as listed below:

  • Organisation of events: € 10 000
  • Study tour: € 5 000
  • Participation in events: € 2 500

Who can apply for funding?

Eligible applicants are entities from the Slovak Republic. The  applicant must have at  least  one  partner  from  a  donor  country,  or  an  international  organisation,  for  the implementation  of  the  activity  for  which  the  contribution  is requested.

When is the application deadline?

Grant applications can be submitted up to 7 January 2016. Although applications can be submitted up to the deadline, they will be reviewed on a 'first come - first served' approach. Consequently, the earlier applications are submitted, the higher the chances of receiving support.

Please consult the website of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic for the full details of requirements and information regarding the call.

Questions related to the Bilateral Fund and this call should be directed to:

Government Office of the Slovak Republic

Department EEA and Norway Grants

Strategic Action unit

Námestie slobody 1

813 70 Bratislava 1

+421 2 57 295 516.