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Photo credit - Christophe Vander Eecken

Administrative report 2012 available

The Financial Mechanism Office’s annual status report for 2012  provides information on the status and administration of the EEA and Norway Grants project portfolio by the end of 2012.

The report summarises the results and challenges related to the implementation of the project portfolio from the 2004-2009 funding period and the implementation status of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014.

In 2012, the Grants’ focus shifted further in the direction of the new period, and in particular to programme development. Emphasis was also put on finalising the 2004-2009 funding period, and, through monitoring and evaluation, on analysing the achievements and identifying what could be improved in the grant schemes.

Positive impact
For the 2004-2009 period, the report underlines that funding has had a positive impact within the prioritised areas by bringing about specific reductions in disparities, in particular in areas where EU funding is limited, for example through a targeted approach to vulnerable groups. The results of this Grants period have been very positive, with 90% of the selected projects completed as planned and 87% of projects exhibiting good quality for the grant money spent.

Main focus areas 2012
For the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014, efforts in 2012 were focused on developing strategic partnerships; ensuring a strong bilateral aspect in all programmes; assuring good governance, sustainable development and gender equality; appraising programme proposals and preparing Grant recommendation documents for the donors; enhancing risk assessment; increasing knowledge and public awareness about the Grants; and improving data availability, quality and communication.

The Annual Status Report 2012 for the EEA and Norway Grants can be found here.

The Annual Status Report 2012 for the EEA Grants can be found here.

Photo credit: Christophe Vander Eecken