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Restoring local cultural heritage

  • The Czech Republic's €700,000 Vysocina Cultural Heritage Fund supports 6 projects to restore local cultural heritage monuments in the Region of Vysocina.

    Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are supporting the Cultural Heritage Fund with € 600,000, with the Vysocina region providing the remaining 15% of the fund.

    The overall goal of the fund is to support the restoration of monuments of historical and cultural significance in the region, and thus support the development of tourism in the region of Vysocina.

    Through one open call, grants were awarded to 6 projects supporting construction work and restoration of the following cultural heritage monuments: St. Jacob’s the Elder, St. Philip’s Church, St.Jacob’s Church, the baroque castel in Myslibořice, St.Peter’s and St.Paul’s Church in Nová Říše, St.Vitus’ Church in Pelhřimov and the Town hall in Telč.

    Photo: Helena Benyskova, NMFA

  • Country:

    Czech Republic

    Project title:

    The Vysocina Cultural Heritage

    Case number:


    Priority sector:

    Conservation of European cultural heritage



    Type & project assistance:

    Programmes (group of projects)

    Project duration:

    45 months

    Project cost:

    € 705,882

    Grant rate:


    Grant agreement date:

    01 March 2007

    The objective of the grant is to support a series of projects to restore monuments (both movable and immovable) of historical and cultural significance in the Region of Vysocina and thus support the development of tourism in the Region. Reference is made to the application dated 30 January 2006, as well as additional documentation and information provided in correspondence dated 28 March 2006.

    The Intermediary for the programme (Fund) is the Vysocina Region. The Fund will be managed by a Secretariat in the Regional Development Agency Vysocina. The Fund will be used to support approximately six sub-projects whose purpose is to restore local cultural heritage monuments.

    The costs related to the management of the Fund (including action related to the application process, the evaluation of applications, as well as the monitoring of sub-projects and reporting) may be covered from the grant, but will be limited to a maximum 4% of the total eligible project costs (28,235 euro).

    The Intermediary shall provide at least 15 percent of the estimated eligible project costs.