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Hungary scholarship fund

  • Hungary's €1.2 million scholarship fund has provided grants for student exchanges and institutional cooperation projects between educational institutions in Hungary and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

    Fund web site (with overview of supported projects)

    Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are supporting the fund with a €1 million grant. The fund will contribute to the development of the educational system in Hungary in the areas of lifelong learning and vocational training.

    More than 400 Hungarian students have been awarded scholarships for studies in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and a wide variety of partnership projects between educational institutions in Hungary and Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway have received support from the fund.

    The fund provided grant assistance for the following activities:

    • study visits for decision-makers, managers, teachers, trainers, administrative staff, experts, counsellors in the field of employment, vocational education and training, higher and adult education;
    • placements for students in initial vocational training or higher education, young workers and recent graduates, unemployed persons, and for those participating in labour-market training;
    • teaching practice abroad for teachers in secondary schools;
    • short term training courses for young graduates improving their practical skills and competences including language training;
    • participation of students at joint degree programmes at MA and PhD level and regular degree programmes;
    • international study trips to research institutes for particularly talented pupils / students or for teachers in secondary education or universities (partly combined with teaching practice);
    • transnational partnerships.
  • Country:


    Project title:

    International Mobility Programmes - Placements, study visits, partnerships

    Case number:


    Priority sector:

    Human resource development



    Type & project assistance:

    Block grant

    Project duration:

    36 months

    Project cost:

    € 1,176,470

    Grant rate:


    Grant agreement date:

    07 May 2007

    The purpose of the Project is to contribute to the development of the Hungarian educational system in respect of lifelong learning and vocational training, with the objective of furthering the achievement of the aims of the Copenhagen, Bologna and Lisbon processes in respect of vocational training, higher education and lifelong learning in Hungary. The Fund shall provide financing to sub-projects based on cooperation between institutions active in the aforementioned processes in Hungary and the donor states - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The Intermediary of the Fund is the Tempus Public Foundation. The grant is complementary to similar funding schemes financed from other sources. Reference is made to the application dated 20 December 2005 and information provided from the Focal Point on 2 March 2006 and 29 September 2006.

    Sub-projects will be linked to the following themes:

    (a) curriculum development, institutional management, recognition of qualifications, internal quality assurance, internationalisation of education;

    (b) transparency and validation of qualifications and competences (including for non-formal and informal learning), lifelong guidance, development of teachers and trainers in vocational education and training, in adult training, and at a sectoral level.

    The grant will also serve to finance the Intermediary's eligible management costs at a rate not exceeding 9.6% of the total estimated project costs. Management costs may include labour cost of staff and external experts, costs incurred through information activities, travel costs, as well as proportional general costs.

    The remaining funds for the eligible project costs will come from the central budget of the Hungarian government (15 percent).