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Frontpage News 2011 Tackling gender-based violence across Europe

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Tackling gender-based violence across Europe

Tackling domestic and gender-based violence is a key priority for the Norway Grants. In the current funding round, efforts to promote gender equality and tackle gender-based violence are being stepped up through  programmes worth €23 million.

Gender equality is a key factor contributing to social and economic development. Under the Norway Grants, Norway provides funding for programmes to ensure equal opportunities and address domestic and gender-based violence in several of the 15 beneficiary states.

Tomorrow, 29 November, the Norway Grants is co-hosting a conference in Bratislava on domestic and gender-based violence with the Council of Europe and the Slovak Ministry of Justice. Taking place during the international 16 Days of Action Against Gender Violence, the event aims to raise awareness of this all-too pervasive problem.

Ambassador Ingrid Schulerud of Norwegian Foreign Ministry, one of the speakers at tomorrow’s conference, stressed the need for programmes targeting gender-equality measures, including domestic violence prevention: “The Norway Grants open up for supporting a vast range of measures across sectors, regions and involving actors at all levels. We recognise the need for an integrated and comprehensive approach to prevent and combat gender-based violence”.


In Slovakia, a major programme will invest in domestic violence prevention and impact mitigation. This programme builds on work carried out in the last funding period where the EEA and Norway Grants supported two crisis centre projects. Under the current funding scheme, an additional 7 or 8 shelters for victims of domestic violence will be set up around the country.


The Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Council of Europe will contribute with their expertise and the Grants will also support organisations working in the field through projects on training and education of professionals, research and awareness raising campaigns.

In addition to the funding earmarked for specific gender and gender-based violence programmes, gender-based violence is included as a core area of support under the NGO funds that will be set up in every beneficiary country.

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