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Frontpage News 2011 Furthering Czech-Norwegian dialogue

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Furthering Czech-Norwegian dialogue

A Czech-Norwegian project aimed at increasing cultural and civil dialogue between the two countries culminated with the publication of a book that was launched at seminars in Prague and Oslo in December 2010.

The book entitled “Norwegian Inspiration: Czech-Norwegian civil and cultural dialogue” is the result of a bilateral project involving the Czech non-governmental organisation Civil Society Development Foundation (NROS) and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. The project was awarded €69,000 in financial support from the Technical Assistance Fund of the EEA and Norway Grants. The fund was established to assist the Czech Republic in its implementation of EU policies and to support small-scale projects that strengthen public service through improved cooperation between public authorities and civil society organisations in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and the Czech Republic. 

The aim of the project has been to promote the development of Czech-Norwegian civil and cultural dialogue, and to contribute to the exchange of insight and experiences from different parts of society, as well as from political and civic life. The resulting publication focuses on how civil society is functioning in the two countries, and its current level of development. Questions related to the historical development of civil society, and challenges it faces are also discussed in the book. The book is edited by Milan Hanuš, and Norwegian and Czech sociologists, publishers, writers, translators and representatives of voluntary organisations have contributed to the project.

The book can be downloaded from these links:
Czech version
Norwegian version

Photo: NROS