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Equality Pays: 8 March event

An important EEA and Norway Grants event will take place on 8 March, marking the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Stakeholders from donor states, beneficiary states and EU-level bodies and organisations will discuss how to ensure equal opportunities for women and men in Europe.

Equality between women and men is not only a fundamental right and a shared European value, but also a driving force for achieving overarching goals on economic growth and social cohesion.

Leading political figures, academics and practitioners will gather in Brussels on 8 March to engage with these issues. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Latvian president for eight years and the first ever female president in Central and Eastern Europe, is one of those who will contribute with her perspectives at the event.

Although the EU has made significant strides over the last decades towards achieving gender equality, many European countries still face considerable challenges when it comes to ensuring equal opportunities, participation and tackling the pay gap. The EEA and Norway Grants will provide funding opportunities within this area.

Although gender equality has always been a key principle underpinning the schemes, efforts have been stepped up in the 2009-14 funding period with the introduction of specific programmes for mainstreaming gender equality, promoting work-life balance and tackling gender-based violence, including trafficking.

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