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Promoting artist cooperation across borders

The Cultural Exchange Fund of the EEA and Norway Grants supports artist exchanges between Poland and Norway. With funds from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, a contemporary sculpture exhibition consisting of works from Norwegian and Polish artists was recently opened in Oroñsko, Poland.

On 18 September 2010, an exhibition consisting of art works by Norwegian and Polish artists was opened at the state-owned Museum of Contemporary Sculpture in Oroñsko, a town about 120 kilometres south of Warszawa.

9 Polish and 8 Norwegian artists participate in the exhibition, which is open until 10 October.

The exhibition is located outdoors, in order to be experienced by the visitors both as a social place, and as a natural part of the surroundings.

Polish-Norwegian cooperation project

The exhibition is the result of the Polish-Norwegian art project “Outside in/Inside out”, which has been implemented by the Norwegian municipality of Oppland in cooperation with the state-owned Polish sculpture centre in Oroñsko.

The project ‘Outside in/Inside out’ was started in autumn 2009, and is a continuation of 2 former projects: the Polish-Norwegian workshop Art-Nature in 1987 and the UT-21 project at Lillehammer in Norway in 2008. At the latter one, 14 works by 7 Norwegian and 7 Polish artists were presented. 13 of these artists, in addition to 1 new artist from Poland and 2 from Norway, are now presenting their works at the exhibition in Poland.

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Photo credit: Oppland Fylkeskommune