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Frontpage News 2007 Czech Republic launches second open call under 10 million NGO fund

Czech Republic launches second open call under 10 million NGO fund

The Civil Society Development Foundation (NROS), managing the NGO fund supported by the EEA Grants in the Czech Republic, launched its €4.5 million second call for NGO projects on 17 December 2007.

Grants in the range of €20,000 to €100,000 will be awarded to support projects within the areas of human rights and a multicultural society, disadvantaged children and youth, and protection of the environment. Applications can be submitted to NROS until 3 March 2008. Further information is available in the open call text.

The fund's highly popular first call for proposals this spring showed a match between the need for funding and sufficient absorption capacity in the Czech NGO community. The high interest from Czech NGOs spurred NROS to work hard to launch a second call in 2007.

In the €3.1 million first call for proposals NROS received more than 400 applications, and the selected 79 projects now up and running cover NGOs from all corners of the Czech Republic and the entire spectrum of possible activities to be supported by the fund. The third and last call under the NGO Fund is expected to be launched in late 2008/early2009.

  • To see a full list with description of each successful application from the first call for proposals, click here (in Czech only).