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Frontpage News 2007 Cyprus concludes project selection and NGO Fund framework

Cyprus concludes project selection and NGO Fund framework

In November Cyprus concluded both its national level selection of projects and agreed with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway on a framework for the coming €1.5 million NGO Fund.

Individual projects

On 9 November the Cypriot Steering Committee selected five projects to be submitted to the FMO for further appraisal and donor decision. Their decision was based on project evaluations carried out by an international audit firm of the 33 project proposals submitted in the Cypriot €2.85 million call in 2006.
The nationally selected projects that will now undergo further appraisal at the FMO are:

A zero CO2 emissions electricity generation prototype (ZeroCO2)

Preparation of an Integrated Management Plan for the Pafos Forest

Revitalising the "Dead Zone": An Educational Centre and Home for Cooperation

Cyprus Archaeological Digitisation Programme - CADiP

Restoration of Salamiou village old school building for use as a regional centre for environmental education

Cyprus has allocated more than one third of the overall net amount available to support NGOs, the largest proportion among the beneficiary states. The €1.5 million set aside will support Cypriot NGOs in implementing small-scale projects aimed at strengthening the role and outreach of NGOs in the health sector, childcare and youth empowerment.

At the annual meeting on the EEA Grants held in Nicosia on 12 November, Cyprus and the three donor states Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway agreed on the framework for the operation of the NGO Fund. A national fund manager will be selected through an open call, and be responsible for the €1.5 million support to NGOs within the areas of 'Health and Childcare' and of 'the Empowerment of Young People in the Civil Society'. The full text of the NGO Framework Document is available on the webpage of the Cypriot Focal Point for the EEA Grants, the Planning Bureau.