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Key areas of support

  • Increasing environmental research, development of eco-friendly technologies
  • Promoting gender equality and work-life balance
  • Increasing educational cooperation and exchange


Total allocation:€45.8 M
EEA Grants:€45.8 M
Norway Grants:€0
Total allocation:€45.85 M
EEA Grants:€45.85 M
Norway Grants:€0

Programme overview

Click on the programme names below for key facts and information about each programme, calls for proposals, partnerships, projects and news. For details on the application process and eligibility, consult the programme operator websites accessible via the below pages. Show all programmes

Click on the programme names below for key facts about each and read why the programme is needed, what it will achieve and how, and partnership opportunities. For details on the application process and eligibility, consult the programme operator websites accessible via the below pages.

Programme Partner(s) Grant (€million)
Environmental and climate change-related research and technology Innovation Norway 18.2
NGO Fund   4.6
Gender equality and work-life balance Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud 10.2
Cultural and natural heritage   4.1
Diversity in culture and arts Norwegian Embassy* 0.5
Scholarships Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education Icelandic Centre for Research Agency for International Education Affairs (Liechtenstein)  3.9
Bilateral national fund- funding for developing bilateral cooperation and activities of bilateral interest with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

*Programme Operator


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Distribution of funding 2009-14


Country facts

  Spain EU-28
GDP per capita in PPS (EU=100) 91 100
Economic growth (% change on previous year) 1.4 1.4
Unemployment rate (%)* 21.4 9.1
Youth unemployment rate (%)* 47.5 20.0
Public debt (% of GDP) 99.3 86.8
Gender pay gap (%) 18.8 16.1
At-risk-of-poverty rate (%) 29.2 24.4
Human development index (2014) 13 (EU-28 ranking)
Corruption perception index (2014) 16 (EU-28 ranking)

Sources: Eurostat, UNDP, Transparency International. All data is from 2014 except where * indicates 2015. Last updated in March 2016.

Calls for proposals

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Evaluations and reviews

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Results from the previous funding period

Read about results in Spain in the 2004-2009 funding period

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Are you interested in funding and partnership opportunities in Spain? Project partnerships between entities in Spain and in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are encouraged.

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National contact

Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, General Directorate of European Funds

Project stories, news and features

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“The first time I saw my self-portrait I cried and felt ugly, I looked very vulnerable,” the former inmate Kristine says.

“I needed to show sadness”


“I wanted to die in this picture, but at the same time I didn’t. I needed to show sadness, loneliness and impotence, because I was trapped behind these wall,” says the inmate Noé (41) who participated in the project ‘Her/Story’.