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Restoration of Kuldiga District Museum and Establishment of Wooden Architecture Restoration Craftsmen Workshop


Project Facts

Project promoter: Kuldiga County Council
Type of institution: Local authority
Case number: LV0033
Status: Concluded
Project duration: 18 months
(Grant from: 2008-03-12)
Project cost: € 692,495
Grant from: € 383,180
Programme area: Conservation of immovable cultural heritage including urban renewal
Priority sector: Conservation of European cultural heritage

Project partnership(s)

Project partner(s): Norwegian Crafts Development (NHU), Norway

More information

Project website

Project summary


The purpose of the Project is to restore the Kuldiga District Museum building and establish a wooden architecture restoration centre, with the overall objective of preserving 18th and 19th century single structure wooden buildings in the old town of Kuldiga and the craft of their restoration. Reference is made to the application dated 26 April 2007, and to correspondence with the Focal Point dated 7 September 2007 and 16 November 2007. The completed Project shall include the following activities and results: - restoring the Kuldiga District Museum building (state cultural momument number 8544), including restoration works to the facade and roof (specifically the balconies and wooden details – ornamental woodcuts of six roof pediments), restoration/replacement of windows and doors, various demolition works, damp-proofing of the foundation, and installation of a new fire alarm and a climate control/ventilation system; - establishing and equipping a wooden architecture restoration centre in the auxiliary building of the Kuldiga District Museum, which will also function as an information and education centre; - training of local craftsmen and a teacher in wooden restoration skills for the implementation of the works; - Project management and tendering activities; and - publicity activities. The Project Promoter is the Kuldiga Town Council. The Project shall be implemented in partnership with the Norwegian Craft Development (NHU). The Focal Point shall ensure that the Project Promoter will provide at least 15 percent of the estimated eligible Project cost.