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Biodiversity of our Sea


Project Facts

Project objective: Increased awareness of and education in integrated marine and inland water management
Project promoter: CIIMAR -Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Envirommental Research
Type of institution: Other type of NGO
Project number: PT02-0004
Target group(s): Civil servants/Public administration staff, Children ,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 18,545
Final project costs: € 15,541
From EEA Grants: € 12,494
The project is carried out in: Portugal

Summary of project results


The main objective of the project was to contribute to the education and public awareness of the Good Environmental Status advocated by the DQEM, starting with biodiversity and its central position in relation to the descriptors of the CODE and the interlinked principles of Ocean Literacy. The target audience were children and young people from primary and secondary education in the northern part of Portugal. The project included the following activities: lectures / talks in schools; laboratory activities in schools; field activities with schools on beaches in northern Portugal; a BioBlitz event on a rocky beach in northern Portugal; design and maintenance of an electronic project site (; designing and maintaining a facebook page (; preparation of an interactive quiz on the Ocean; a final event sharing event. From the beginning of the project until its end in July 2016, there were: 17 lectures / talks in schools; 9 laboratory activities in schools; 16 field activities with schools on beaches in northern Portugal; 1 BioBlitz event. Two-level interactive Ocean Quiz that comprised 306 entries and 3282 views of the Ocean Literacy page 2013-2016 ( In addition to Feira do Mar, a joint final event was held with the project "Trades Marine Chains" in May 2016, which included activities for the observation of marine invertebrates, macroalgae and construction of an alley, as well as an exhibition of works on the output field (technical and artistic) of one of the schools involved in the project. In order to cover the general public, two news were published on the CIIMAR website (; http: //www.ciimar.up .pt / news_details.php? id = 105) and three news articles on the University of Porto's electronic website (;; ). The project "Biodiversity of our Sea: to know and preserve" also participated in a series of events held by CIIMAR and invited by other entities to schools and / or the general public: CIIMAR Open Day; Careers Fair at CLIP - The Oporto International School; UP 2016 show; IX Science Fair organized by the Living Science of Vila do Conde.


The information on this page has been provided by the programme operator.