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Raising awareness, training , professional growth, the development of leadership and the promotion of women and of women managers in the business community in order to facilitate their access to decision-making positions within their companies


Project Facts

Project objective: Gender balance on company boards improved
Project promoter: Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations
Type of institution: Employers' organization
Project number: ES04-0007
Target group(s): Manager, leaders, teachers, trainers, administrators and technical staff from eligible institutions,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 941,176
Final project costs: € 937,164
From EEA Grants: € 676,959
The project is carried out in: Spain


Summary of project results


The “PROMOCIONA” project intends to i m p r o v e the participation and representation of women i n the senior management in Spain, through makingvisible w o m e n ' s t a l e n t and excellence academic training in a reputed business school, individual mentoring, executive coaching and strengthening professional networking. Hence, companies would detect candidate’s potential in their organisations and commit to promoting them within the company. The objective was to improve access of women to management positions and Boards of Directors of their companies and to make them aware of the existence of this talent. In addition, another objective was to raise awareness among companies about the importance of achieving a balanced presence of men and women in top positions. The main activity undertaken has been a 5-month classroom academic program, completed with online training and network activities oriented to get full potential out of participants. Additionally, throughout the training, the participants have benefited from an individual development scheme of executive coaching, mentoring sessions and meetings with senior management directives. The project has been valued as excellent by the women and companies participants. So far, up to 26% of women have been promoted to higher responsibility roles. The project has been accompanied by a communication and awareness raising campaign, with a wide media impact. Different articles and posts, as well as interviews with “PROMOCIONA” women, have been published on general media as well as on the project’s website and the promotor’s one. Besides, mentors and networking events, participant’s breakfasts and 6 bilateral meetings with the Norwegian Embassy in Spain have been organised so as to share results and best practices.


The information on this page has been provided by the programme operator.