Strengthened research, environment and cultural cooperation with the Czech Republic

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have signed new cooperation agreements with the Czech Republic under the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021.

MoU signing in Prague 4 September 2017

Under the agreements (MoUs), which were signed in Prague today, the three donor countries have allocated €184.5 million to a total of 11 programmes and funds.

Research and education, the environment and climate change, and culture and human rights are key areas of support.

Want to see what's in the agreements? You'll find them here: 

Memorandum of Understanding EEA Grants Czech Republic 2014-2021

Memorandum of Understanding Norway Grants Czech Republic 2014-2021

"I am delighted to see culture play an important role in our cooperation with the Czech Republic along with research, education, NGO activities and other areas that underpin democratic societies," said Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson.

“For me, the EEA Grants and the MoU with the Czech Republic are of great importance to Liechtenstein. Our countries do not only share the Single Market but also 700 years of common history. The EEA Grants provide us with an excellent framework to further enhance the mutual understanding of our countries,” said the Foreign Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Aurelia Frick.

There will also be funding for civil society, the justice and home affairs sector, for strengthening good governance as well as the respect for human rights, including efforts to improve living conditions for the Roma. There will also be programmes on health and social dialogue.

“This MoU is a milestone in the already close relationship between Norway and the Czech Republic. It gives us the opportunity to further develop our existing cooperation and to exchange knowledge and skills in important areas of common interest,” said Norwegian Minister of EEA and EU Affairs, Frank Bakke-Jensen.

Ambassador Bergdis Ellertsdottir, Head of the Icelandic Mission to the EU, signed the MoU on behalf of Iceland.


Cooperation opportunities
A total of ten public agencies and institutions from the donor countries (eight from Norway, one from Iceland and one from Liechtenstein) are involved in the development and implementation of the programmes and will play a key role in facilitating cooperation between partners in the donor countries and the Czech Republic.  The Council of Europe and the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) are involved in programmes as international partner organisations contributing with their expertise. 

The donor partners will in the coming months work with their counterparts in the Czech Republic to set up the programmes. Open calls for proposal will be announced at a later stage. Follow updates on our website.

Overview of programmes

  • Research €30.0 million
    • Donor programme partner: The Research Council of Norway
  • Education €6.5 million
    • Donor programme partners: DIKU – Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education, National Agency for International Education Affairs Liechtenstein (AIBA)
  • Global Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue €0.89 million 
    • Fund operator: Innovation Norway 
  • Health €14.0 million 
    • Donor programme partner: The Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Environment, Ecosystem and Climate Change €30.0 million 
    • Donor programme partner: The Norwegian Environment Agency
  • Culture €28.0 million 
    • Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS), Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Arts Council Norway
  • Civil Society €15.0 million 
  • Good Governance €5.0 million 
    • International Partner Organisation: Council of Europe
  • Human Rights, Roma Inclusion and Domestic and Gender-based Violence €19.0 million 
    • International Partner Organisation: Council of Europe and European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
  • Justice – Correctional Services €6.0 million 
    • Donor programme partner: Norwegian Correctional Service
    • International Partner Organisation: Council of Europe
  • Home Affairs – International Police Cooperation €65.0 million 
  • Bilateral Fund €3.69 million 
  • Reserve €4.82 million 

About the EEA and Norway Grants

Under the EEA Agreement, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are part of the European internal market. The EEA Agreement sets out the common goal of working together to reduce social and economic disparities in Europe and strengthen cooperation between European countries. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to this through the EEA and Norway Grants. For the period 2014-2021, a total contribution of €2.8 billion has been agreed. The Czech Republic will receive € 184.5 million of this total. 

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