Protecting the Bulgarian environment

Funding is now available to improve the management and monitoring of marine and inland water resources in Bulgaria and the increase in the capacity to assess and predict their environmental status.

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Establishing a good environmental level for marine and inland waters is essential for Bulgaria. It will ensure that the resources that these ecosystems support are maintained along with the economic and social benefits they bring’. The ‘Integrated marine and inland water management’ programme will contribute towards improved monitoring and management plans, thereby providing the background needed to maintain good environmental status of marine and inland waters in Bulgaria.

The EEA Grants will fund three calls for proposals under this programme.

What is supported?

The first and second call for proposals support improvements in the management and monitoring of marine and inland water resources. The third call for proposal supports the increase in the capacity to assess and predict environmental status marine and inland water resources. Project applications under all three calls are eligible for funding only if they accomplish these requirements:

Project management activities related to coordination between partners for reporting, financial management, interaction with monitoring and control bodies and other similar non-technical activities; publicity activities in accordance with the programme guidelines (can be found in section one in the call texts), and technical activities related to the specific current call.  

To this end, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway provide €7 million in total through the EEA Grants.

Who can apply?

The following Bulgarian entities may apply for funding under all three calls:

  • National Public Authorities
  • Municipalities
  • Research and development institutions, including universities
  • Non-profit and non-governmental environmental organisations

Project partnerships with public or private entities (commercial or non-commercial), as well as non-governmental organisations from the donor countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – are encouraged. Bulgarian or beneficiary and neighboring countries entities can also be eligible as project partners.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is 20 October for all three calls.

Programme operator

The ‘Integrated marine and inland water management’ programme is run by the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water. The Norwegian Environment Agency is involved in the programme as a donor programme partner.

Read the full call texts on the website of the programme operator for more information

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