Promoting green industry innovation in Bulgaria

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria with ideas that are good for both business and the environment can now apply for funding from the Norway Grants.


Climate change and the growing pressure on our limited natural resources mean that businesses need to innovate to succeed and survive. To achieve sustainable economic growth, investment in new green industries and green innovation is crucial. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are however often hampered by a lack of access to finance. To that end, the Norway Grants have set aside more than €13 million to the green industry innovation programme in Bulgaria. A second call under this programme is now open.

Who can apply for funding?

Private SME companies and publicly owned companies with less than 50 employees constituted as legal entities in Bulgaria

What activities are supported?

The Bulgarian green industry programme provides support for projects that will develop and implement activities in one or more of the following areas:

  • Development, implementation and investment in innovative environmentally friendly technologies
  • Development of green products and services
  • Development and implementation of greener production processes (material efficiency/efficiency in business operations)
  • Other activities such as training and awareness raising as secondary activity related to the above activities

When is the application deadline?

Applications must be submitted by 9 April 2014

The green industry innovation programme is operated by Innovation Norway and project partnerships with Norwegian partners are strongly encouraged.

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