Partnering up for renewable energy

Organisations from Iceland and Norway are joining forces with their Spanish counterparts as part of the Spanish programme for environmental and climate change-related research and technology. Of the 198 projects supported under the programme, 51 are carried out with partners.

Spain ES02-seminar

Spain has invested heavily in developing renewable energies, energy efficiency measures and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This approach has stimulated the growth of a green industry in the country, founded on innovation and research and development. To help further this positive development, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have set aside more than €18 million to supporting environmental and climate change-related research in the country.


The almost 200 projects funded by the programme span a wide range of topics. One project carried out by the electrical engineering specialist Ingeteam in cooperation with the Norwegian ship building company Ulstein will develop a new system of power generation and distribution for marine applications which will reduce the fuel consumption of ships with up to 20%. Another project, implemented by the Spanish company Vias y Construcciones in cooperation with the Norwegian research institution SINTEF, is looking into how to make trains more energy efficient.


To continue building on the partnerships that have been formed under the programme, 125 representatives from various organisations currently involved in the programme met in Madrid last month to discuss the potential for future cooperation after the programme ends next year. Continued cooperation under other national and international programmes such as Horizon 2020 was among the opportunities that were discussed. The seminar also offered the participants the opportunity to learn about the status of areas relevant to the programme, such as energy efficiency in buildings, electrical vehicles and smart grids. The seminar was organised by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Embassy in Madrid.   

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