Internship in Norway gave new ideas for psychiatric care in Hungary

Zsofia Hetesi from a Hungarian NGO spent four months in Norway with support from the EEA Grants.

Zsofia recently gave a presentation on her internship experiences at Jæren DPS and the differences between Norwegian and Hungarian psychiatry to her colleagues. Photo: Private

Based on her experience she is now drawing up a pilot programme within psychiatric care in her home country.

Civil society professionals from Hungary have this autumn been doing internships in Norway and Iceland with the support of the EEA Grants. The aim of the internship is to support Hungarian NGO professionals to visit and learn from the practical experience of working with an NGO in the donor states.

"The internship in Norway given me a good overview of the Norwegian psychiatric system and new inspiration and ideas which I plan to implement in Hungary upon my return," said Zsofia Hetesi. 

Zsofia Hetesi from Hungary normally works as a social worker at the TÁMASZ Foundation Pécs. The foundation is responsible for the provision of homeless people in Pécs. Here, she saw that there was an increasing number of homeless persons with mental health problems who also did not have the right access to the health care services in Hungary. She therefore started planning a project in which the main aim was to create psychiatric services for homeless patients and to motivate the development and extension of welfare and social services for psychiatric patients. To get new inspiration and knowledge she felt that it would be beneficial to get to know better a prominent psychiatric institution and to learn more about their methods.

Read the full interview with Zsofia  Hetesi and find out more about her experiences being on internship in Norway on the NGO partnership portal website of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

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