Increasing recycling in Poland with Norwegian technology

With less than 25 percent of waste recycled*, Poland still has some way to go to reach 50 percent recycling of waste by 2020, as required by the EU.

Increasing recycling in Poland with Norwegian technology

The Norwegian company Tomra is a global leader in waste sorting solutions and is a project partner in four green industry innovation projects in Poland, as well as being a supplier of waste sorting technologies in Romania.

Separation of valuable metal waste
“The cooperation with Tomra was important because they have the knowledge about sorting metals and other materials,” said Krzysztof Brzozowski, Director of WTOR-STEEL Sp. z o.o. in Poland.

The project operated by WTOR-STEEL is using Tomra’s sorting systems to separate the most valuable metal waste for recycling.

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Sorting of plastic waste
Tomra’s sorting machines and technologies are also used in two projects focusing on sorting of plastic waste such as bottles. The aim here is also to be able to sort out the most valuable material for recycling.

The projects will also contribute to creation of new green jobs and reduction of CO2 emissions.

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More efficient technology for separation of municipal waste
The fourth project Tomra is involved in in Poland is about modernisation of the sorting installations for the purpose of separating metal, paper, plastic, ash etc. from municipal waste.

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Establishing new contacts in Poland
“Through participation in the projects in Poland, we have sold our technology. Furthermore, the projects contribute to making the industry in Poland more aware of the benefits of automated sorting solutions and that they can help the environment and be profitable at the same time,” said Tom Eng, Head of TOMRA Sorting Solutions Recycling.   

These projects are supported under the ‘Green industry innovation’ programme in Poland funded by Norway. The programme provides €20 million to support companies in Poland who are developing environmentally friendly products, services and technologies.

*Eurostat 2013