40 full proposals submitted for the Fund for Regional Cooperation

40 full project proposals were submitted for the second application phase of the Fund for Regional Cooperation, spanning across all five priority sectors of the EEA and Norway Grants. 


352 entities in 41 European countries make up the 40 consortia behind the full proposals, among them all 15 beneficiary countries of the Grants as well as 10 non-EEA countries. These 10 countries sharing a border with a EU Member State are included as beneficiaries since they have in common many of the European challenges this Fund is established to address.

The number of proposals in each sector.

The next steps:

The final selection of which projects will received funding is expected to take place in late autumn.

The organisations involved in the submitted proposals. Blue = lead partner. Red = expertise partner. Green = partner from EEA and Norway Grants beneficiary country. Yellow = Partner from a third (non-EEA) country

Download the full infographic of the project proposals.