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Public institutions in the donor and beneficiary countries share responsibility for managing the Grants.

See an overview of how the Grants are organised

Programme operators in the beneficiary countries
If you have questions about a specific programme, you should contact the relevant programme operator directly. The programme operarators are the best situated to give you information about what may be funded, how to apply and partnerships.

Links to the programme websites are made available as they are established (once the programme has been approved). Check the programme pages accessible via the individual country pages to see if the websites are operational and to find the contact details of the programme operators. You can also find the contact details for programme operators on the websites of the national Focal Points.

Donor programme partners
In addition to programme operators, donor programme partners may be approached with questions about partnerships. These public bodies from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway take part in the programme planning and implementation, and they also help facilitate project partnerships.

For more information about who to contact with questions about partnerships, see our partnership guide.

National Focal Points
If your request is about a specific country, you can contact the relevant national Focal Point in each of the 16 beneficiary countries. Most of the Focal Points are located within relevant ministries or public agencies which also manage other European funding schemes. The national Focal Point is responsible for the national implementation and the follow up of programme operators.

The Financial Mechanism Office is part of the EFTA Secretariat in Brussels and manages the EEA Grants and Norway Grants on behalf of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
Overview of FMO staff members, listed by unit and with contact details

Donor countries
The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway draw up policy and guidelines, approve each programme allocation and ensure monitoring, control and evaluation of the Grants. Representatives of the three countries' Ministries of Foreign Affairs meet regularly in the Financial Mechanism Committee. Norwegian embassies in the beneficiary countries facilitate contacts and cooperation and contribute in promoting the Grants.


The EEA and Norway Grants are based on the principles of transparency and accountability and we encourage journalists and others interested in the Grants to get in touch. Depending on the information you are after, you can contact any of the entities mentioned on this page. 

General inquiries about the Grants may be directed to the Financial Mechanism Office's communication team, or to Lillann Weggersen, Head of Communication, on +32 (0) 2 211 18 58 / +32 (0) 471 906 586 or

Please also consult our public access policy and information on available media grants.