Take part in shaping a strong and active society.

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Act now!

Start doing: get involved

How do you actually become an active citizen? Here are five ways to get involved.


Get informed

You can't make a difference if you don't know what's going on. Read the news, follow social media or participate in forums to empower yourself with information


Support (local) initiatives

There are many (local) organisations and community groups that contribute to our society every day. They can often use our help in their activities.



Whatever your background, work experience, gender or age, you will have a helpful skill. Contribute your time and energy by joining an existing initiative or starting your own project.


Get engaged

A vibrant democracy is all about participation. Encourage friends, family or neighbours to act, contribute to online platforms, or join/start a movement to build an active community.

Get the Act now! tipsheet

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Download the Act Now! tipsheet.

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Get inspired

One by one, Europe’s active citizens are making a difference. Here’s what’s already happening in your area.

United by values

Human rights, freedom, dignity, equality, democracy and rule of law. These are the values that unite us. They are noble, shared ideals — the bedrock of a diverse modern society. And it’s up to us to build them, together.