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Human rights, freedom, human dignity, equality, democracy and rule of law. These are the values that unite us. They are noble, shared ideals — the bedrock of a diverse modern society. And it’s up to us to protect them, together.

But the practical, day-to-day reality can be hard work. It starts with the people who want to make a difference for their community. People who are committed to shaping our world. These are their stories:



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It’s our goal to encourage active citizenship and strengthen civil society where it matters most. That’s why we support people and organisations who believe they can make a real difference. Here’s how you can take action.

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    Want to take part but not sure how to go about it? Find out how to become an active citizen.

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  • Civil society in Europe

    Civil society is at the heart of the European Union. Find out more about your rights:

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    Let’s make sure these activities get the attention they deserve. Find all our press materials here.

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  • This is what FREE looks like.

    Freedom is proud, bold and unapologetic. We provide support for initiatives that reinforce the power to be who you are and say what you think. Because freedom is worth shouting about.

  • This is what DIGNITY looks like.

    Human dignity is a team effort that we can all contribute to and learn from. We provide support for initiatives that care for the most vulnerable among us. Because humanity isn’t something you have to earn.

  • This is what EQUAL looks like.

    Equality is a work in progress, a challenge for everyone to rise to. We provide support for initiatives that advance equal rights and opportunities so all can reach their full potential. Because no one is equal, until we’re all equal.

  • This is what RIGHTS look like.

    Human rights are for everyone. And they should be a given. We provide support for initiatives that promote and protect our fundamental rights. Because that’s the bedrock of all society.

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  • This is what POWER looks like.

    Democracy stands or falls with you. We provide support for initiatives that promote active citizenship, transparency and participation. Because your voice has the power to change the world.

  • This is what FAIR looks like.

    Rule of law is the gateway to justice. We provide support for initiatives that promote political accountability, transparency, and media freedom. Because what counts for one should count for all.


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