Ecoturism in Tara Dornelor - An instrument for sustainable development

Project facts

Project promoter:
Speleological Foundation "Club Speo Bucovina"
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Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 315,000


Developing and implementing responsible tourism with a focus on ecotourism and environmental friendly renewable energy for biodiversity conservation.Expected results:“Guide for good practices in ecotourism” and eco-label adopted by local authorities in Tara Dornelor65 persons given training on a broad range of issues, inter alia, rural development with focus on ecotourism and fundraising opportunities, strategy for development of local partnerships, ecotourism, evaluation of ecotourism facilitation services, techniques and methods for environment interpretation (interpretation of trails), and renewable energy5 communities will have increased awareness regarding how to preserve the quality of the local environment through sustaining the ecotourism initiatives and using clean energy technologies in their houses“Calimani Eco-Network” set up and functioning. It will consist of and represent, inter alia, ecotourism service providers and representatives of authorities1 ecotourism package prepared by the “Calimani Eco-Network”Participation in an international tourism fair in Norway, where the documentary film “In Tara Dornelor” will be screened, together with presentation of documentary publications and other promotional materials, aimed at promoting Tara Dornelor as a tourism destination