Developing Emergent Ecological Markets in Romania - EcoEmerge

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Project promoter:
Ministry of Environment and Forests
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Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 1,630,000

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Capacity building on environment within Romanian eco-innovative organizations, networking, and training on environmental technology.Expected results:One market study on environmental technologies – developed (including the identification of methods and tools for the development of environmental technologies in RO)One web platform on eco-innovation (to include databases, case studies) - developed and ready for use (equipment and software purchased)One eco-innovation network established (including at least 200 innovative RO entities)At least 200 companies and R&D entities trained in, and informed about, eco-innovation best practices and the ecological criteria for 9 categories of products/servicesAt least 400 public procurers trained in green procurement issues in all of the 8 regions of Romania (50 per region)A green procurement monitoring scheme developed based on input from the Norwegian experienceAt least 2 awareness-raising actions implemented (1 international conference and 1000 green criteria brocures published)