Capacity building for members of the Health and Safety Committees

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Project promoter:
The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)
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Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 600,000

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To enhance social dialogue in the work place and introduce innovative measures for improvement and monitoring of the working conditions in the Romanian industry.Expected results:The project will target an increased efficiency of the Health and Safety Committees which are operational at company level in Romania; unions are very interested to modernize the negotiation agenda with the management and make the employers aware of the fact that prevention of work accidents and illness is one of the key issues for a good working climate at workplace level. Workers have a significant role to play in improving health, safety & environment (HSE) at the work place.In this context, the main results of this project will be:1.Making a research with the theme of situation of Health and Safety Committees from multinational companies selected for project;2.Study visits to Norway;3.Pilot Training for members of Health and Safety Committees at Work;4.Training for union representatives, members to Health and Safety Committees at Work;5.Training for members of Health and Safety Committees at Work, newly selected;6.Create a Resource and Information Center which will include a multimedia library accessible to union members of partner organizations;7.Production of information materials;8.Website dedicated to the project - will include sections dedicated to training, course support, information from OSH Links;9.An on-line application on the basis that will provide students on-line tutoring sessions;10.Newsletter – quarterly.