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Save the Children Norway (Redd barna)
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Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 800,000

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Promoting mental health and improving the quality of care for vulnerable children and adolescents through (1) development of an operational framework, (2) development of training programmes.Expected results:The new "Centre of excellence", run by Save the Children Romania, will provide children and their parents with a first of its kind community based service where they are available in a user friendly and non-stigmatizing way. The training of local staff and resource persons from institutions will also enable the project to have a long term impact on the design of these services in Romania.The centre will be multidisciplinary and constitute of three departments: 1/ service delivery for direct beneficiaries (children and parents); 2/ capacity building (training of personnel, supervision and technical assistance); 3/ resource development (e.g. studies, creation of materials, screening and diagnosis instruments etc.).